Friday, February 18, 2011

AMD says their chips are ready, willing and stable

 AMD has launched a new marketing campaign to encourage component channel companies and home users to turn to them as their source of chips. Dubbed "Ready. Willing. And Stable", the new campaign is designed to capitalize on Intel's Cougar Point chipset flaw by letting partners and enthusiasts know they can build their dream PCs today.

There will be three major components to it: a global advertising program, an online marketing campaign, and a Twitter-based contest that will run over the next 8 to 10 weeks. All activity in the "Ready. Willing. And Stable." campaign is designed to drive partners and customers to a newly launched web page that contains suggested platform alternatives to Intel's Sandy Bridge parts as well as links to online stores like Amazon, Newegg, and others.

To drive end-customer awareness, AMD will launch a Twitter contest the week of Monday, February 21, where participants can win AMD products and PC games. Details will be available at amd.com/tweettowin next week.

The company believes the Cougar Point misstep represents an opportunity for the company and it hopes to pick up some business through aggressive marketing. AMD's director of marketing, Tim Martin, acknowledged that there is no way to tell if the campaign is going to bring any material revenues to their business, and Intel is not going to concede much of a window as it has begun shipping the bug-fixed "B3 stepping" of 6-series chipset to notebook and mainboard manufacturers. If anything, he's confident that the campaign is going to move some momentum in AMD's direction.


 My view: I love AMD. I have a computer now that I built with a AMD 9850 Phenom Quad-core Black Edition. LOVE IT. Once they start coming out with more netbooks with the AMD Fusion's, I'm totally going to buy one!

These are similar to what I have.



  1. I'd most likely get one. I'm running an AMD at the moment and it works so well. nice post, I probably wouldn't have found this out otherwise.

  2. From what i've study, the intel chips are better today. In the past the AMD were for some time better in complex calculations, but because they focused so much in that area, the rest was just blown away by intel.

  3. AMD is pretty could, but it seems like they died off since those Intel i7's came out.

  4. this is an interesting post good job.



  5. AMD's really been off the radar for a while now, which is a shame, as I was a huge AMD fanboy back in the day. I'm still waiting for the day that they blast back onto the scene with a super powerful processor that puts Intel to shame and costs half the price.

    That would really put the competitiveness back into the game, wouldn't it?

    Oh, and finally I've found what seems to be a good tech blog, well done!

  6. If only I could find a good roughly £100 AMD bundle I would buy one.

  7. I prefer AMD just because of the price. Their quality versus price is much better than intel. Intel is just the more popular name.

  8. intel chips is far way better than amd ,but amd price had for much cheaper than their Intel counterparts

  9. You're an idiot if you say Intel is better than AMD.
    Why do you think Intel had a recall on their Sandy Bridge chips? Because they SUCK.

  10. go for intel if you have the money.