Thursday, February 17, 2011

Apple grabs 60% of touch panel capacity, hurting supply for others

Apple has an internal goal of shipping 40 million iPad products this year. To manufacture all of them, the company has occupied close to 60% of the global touch panel capacity, according to sources from upstream component makers for tablets cited by DigiTimes.
Touch panels are thus suffering the most serious shortage, which has hurt supply for Apple's competitors since the component shortage means shipment volumes are unable to keep up with orders, especially for second-tier players. Apple is holding control over the capacity of major touch panel makers such as Wintek and TPK.

RIM, Motorola, and HP are also competing for related components, leaving out second-tier players. As a result, Samsung Electronics, Acer, and HP have all started turning to smaller touch screen suppliers such as Sintek Photronic, Egalax-empia Technology, AimCore Technology, and J Touch.
Apple's iPad 2 entered production earlier this month. There are no details as to when the new version of the device might be hitting store shelves or what the pricing will be.
The company hasn't even announced the device yet. In the meantime, it is still selling the original iPad. In this respect, Samsung has beat Apple to the punch by announcing the successor to the original Galaxy Tab: the Galaxy Tab 10.1.


I think iPads are a waste of money...
What do you guys think?


  1. ipad 2 is a bad idea, unless its nothing like the 1

  2. I hate Apple. They make such a huge profit off of their products because they are over-priced A LOT.

  3. Don't think I would ever buy an iPad.

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNvgmM7gXE4

  5. such a shame, especially when the ipad is a castrated version of other touch screen devices

  6. right, like apple created the touch screen. that's just ridiculous. i'm sure the ipad is fun, but it's ultimately unnecessary if you have a smart phone or laptop.

  7. I hate short-sighted business decisions.

  8. I actually thought about getting an ipad.
    But I bought an Iphone4 instead.

    I know that apple are selling overpriced things... But I love mine ;(

  9. iPads are for people to carry around and show other people their iPad. I found it hilarious when I tried to give my friend a file from my usb stick and he wasn't able because, guess what, the iPad doesn't have any usb ports.

    I can see why apple stopped putting floppy drives into their computers, but no usb? I think it's just atrocious.

  10. oh boy way to go apple, great post btw!